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RSS Feed:

RSS Feed is a common method for subscribing to blogs. If you unfamiliar with it, please see the explanation and instructions below:

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a way to follow your favorite content on the internet instead of searching or visiting various sites to see it. All your favorite content from various blogs can be brought together in one place using RSS Feeds which is simply a web address made available by blog sites. Using this feed, the blog content is constantly fed directly to you. The best part is - it is completely free.

How do I use an RSS Feed?

In order to consume an RSS Feed, all you need is an RSS Aggregator program. You can easily find many free ones online by searching for it. Once you have access to an RSS Aggregator, you just add to it the web address (URL) of the RSS feed you are interested in following and that's it. Next time, just go to your RSS Aggregator program and enjoy all your favorite content stripped down to bare essentials in one place. Any new content will show up on top and you can mark it read just like an email. You can also setup alerting and notification based on your preference.

To subscribe to Rinea Inspires blog, copy and paste the address  to your RSS Aggregator.