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3-D Star Spangled Wreath by Roni

3-D Star Spangled Wreath by Roni | Rinea
Ink Stained Roni here with a fun patriotic Starstruck spangled wreath to grace your home this summer.  You will absolutely love the beauty it will bring to your home!

Patriotic Wreath with Rinea Foiled paper

This fun and easy wreath made using the Patriotic Foiled Paper Variety Pack will knock the socks off all your visitors this summer with it's flash, shine and All-American pride.

Trace the stars onto the foiled paper and cut.

To make this example you will need 6 large stars, 12 medium sized stars and 12 small stars. I used both Glossy and Starstruck types of foiled paper.

Trace a line from the point on each star through the center to the other side. Each line should cross at the very center of the star for easy molding.
Time to turn this into a 3-D star, the foiled paper helps make this a cinch.  Pinch each of the points into a mountain fold, pinch the in-between sections of the star to valley fold.  I have found it is easier to pinch the points from the top and the in-between sections from the bottom.

As the foiled paper will hold virtually any shape, it is easy to adjust the mountain and valley folds to achieve the desired effect.  After all of the folds were completed I placed the star on my work surface and gently pressed on the center of the star to give it the proper height I desired.

Repeat until all stars have been shaped into a 3-D star.

Cut a wreath shape from chipboard.
Glue each of the large stars to the wreath using a hot glue gun.

Continue to glue the remaining stars to the wreath until all have been affixed to the wreath.

Celebrate the summer in patriotic style!
Rinea Patriotic Foiled Paper Variety Pack

Star Pattern
Chipboard (for wreath)
Hot Glue Gun