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About Us

Rinea paper-foil is decades of passion in the making. It started with my German grandmother who at a very young age learned a very old traditional craft of making Christmas ornaments from the nuns using a popular crafting material called Alu-Bastelfolie which means “Aluminum Crafting Foil”. It has been passed down the generations to me and I have been working passionately with it for many years making beautiful Christmas stars for family and friends. Growing up in the US, I struggled to find the material domestically and relied on family back in Germany to stockpile it to feed my desire to create with it.

GlobalCrafting opened for business in 2012 with a dream of sharing the unlimited crafting potential this material has by introducing it to the world of arts and craft in the US. Sourced from a family owned business in Germany, the first batch of this amazing crafting material was imported and Rinea paper-foil was born.

What is so special about Rinea paper-foil is that it has two thin layers of colorful aluminum foil with a sheet of paper sandwiched between them. This gives the material a paper-like sturdiness with the malleability of foil. It keeps the shape it is given which makes it ideal for creating 3-dimensional objects. Having paper-like quality also makes it great for embossing or die-cutting designs. It comes in glossy or embossed finishes in many popular color combinations including bold, pastel, and metallic colors. Details are available on our Product page.

I am now working with a team of arts and crafts designers to create new ideas uniquely suited for Rinea paper-foil. Please check out our Blog where new ideas are frequently added.
- Diane Agarwal, Owner

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or to discuss a special crafting project need.