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Rinea Foiled Paper

This crafting paper dates back generations when nuns in Germany taught a traditional craft of making Christmas ornaments to kids at a very young age. While keeping the tradition alive, we have found ways to introduce this hidden gem to the world of arts and crafts.

What makes it special is that it is paper lined with colorful foil on both sides which allows it to hold its shape while remaining sturdy. A large variety of double sided shiny colors with the ability to sculpt adds plenty a bling and a whole new dimensions to your crafting projects.Check out the following attributes of this amazing crafting paper:

  • Holds its shape however it is bent or folded making it ideal for 3-D arts and crafts.
  • Great for embossing, die-cutting, punching, sanding, folding, crinkling, painting, and stamping to list a few examples.
  • Any glue can be used on it.
  • Pens with alcohol based inks work great for writing on it.
  • Works with electronic cutting machines using an old or low lack cutting mat.
  • Available in 30+ color/texture varieties including bold, pastel, and metallic colors with glossy and starstruck finishes.
  • Perfect addition for scrapbooking, card making, home decor, jewelry, ornaments, mixed media art, and much more.

Rinea Design Tools

Our exclusive line of innovative design tools perfectly compliment the foiled paper. Our dies and templates allow handcrafting 3D objects including the traditional German rolled star and our ghost ink creates a special effect using reverse stamping.

Please visit our blog and YouTube channel to see plenty of examples and get inspired!