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4th of July Party Favors

Posted on June 25 2017

Hello, this is Yolie with a 4th of July treat bags.

To create the fringe, I used a metal die. However, you can easily create the fringe with scissors.

After die cutting the fringe, I used scissors to cut the fringe down the middle. I then measured the width of the bag and cut the excess.

I applied a thin line of hot glue at 2" from the top of the bag and placed the fringed Paper Foil Ruby/Gold.  I then added the Silver/Silver Star Struck fringe at 1 ½" from the top.

Next, I trimmed the puffy silver star ribbon to the width of the treat bags. I folded the top of the bag to create a 1" flap. I then hot glued the puffy silver star ribbon on the flap.

Here are the completed 4th of July treat bags. I took the American flag confetti and attached it with a small clothespin, which helps keep the bag closed.

I purchased the treat bags at my local craft store, but you can dress up any small bag with fringe Rinea Paper Foil for your 4th of July celebrations. You can fill them up with your favorite treats!