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8 Rinea Foiled Paper Flower Ideas

8 Rinea Foiled Paper Flower Ideas | Rinea
Flowers, flowers, flowers! Our designers have been in the mood for spring and have been creating lots of foiled paper flowers. Because our foiled paper has paper sandwiched in between two pieces of foil you can create gorgeous paper flowers just like you would with paper, but because of the foil, it will stay any way you fold or bend it. Making it super easy to make flowers with!

For more information on how our designers created their flowers shown below, click on their name and it will take you to their blog post.
Karen Sessions created this pretty flower embellishment by stamping on our glossy blush foiled paper.
Pretty hyacinth flowers by Erin Reed. These are a lot easier to make then you would think!
Lots of pretty spring flowers by Betz Golden. These flowers really show off the vibrant colors of our foiled paper.
The ruby glossy foiled paper is absolutely stunning against the black in this shadowbox by Sonja Bakonyi.
Lovely three-dimensional flower using our glossy gold foiled paper by Steph Ackerman
Who said paper dolls are just for kids? Linda Israel used our ruby foiled paper to create two flowers for her cute paper doll.
gorgeous ball of flowers by Sonja Bakonyi.
These large roses by Erin Reed would make great wedding decorations or to decorate a mantel with.
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