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9 Christmas Craft Ideas with Rinea Foil

9 Christmas Craft Ideas with Rinea Foil | Rinea
Our design team had been very busy creating all kinds of Christmas inspired projects using the various Rinea foils.  
Here we start with some cute little decorated jars with the Rinea foil in embossed red cut into a flower on top of the lid made by Erin Reed.  For more info see her blog here.
Here is a video tutorial on how she made these fun jars.
Next we have Sonja Bakonyi on her amazing Christmas card with all kinds of beautifully cut shapes from Rinea foil.  Check out her blog for more info about this card.
Next we have Karen Sessions.  Here is my first project featuring Rinea double sided metallic foil.  I recycled some clear packaging and covered it using Rinea red/gold foil. I embellished the lid with a rosette of glitter washi tape and ribbon. These little boxes are perfect to hold holiday candies to be given to the endless list of people that touch your life like neighbors, secretaries, mail man, doctors, teachers etc. 

To learn more about our designer Karen, please visit her blog, Art & Soul.
Next we have Alpna Kale and her decorated candle using the red foil and a die to cut out a beautiful doily, she even used the extra cut out star pieces and glue them to the candle! 
For more info check out her blog.
Now we have Steph Ackerman and a fun Christmas Canavs complete with a cut Reindeer and Sleigh from red and gold Rinea foil.  For more info see her blog.
Next we have a couple of videos from Linda Israel filled with lots of fun ideas.  One to decorate and make a fancy reindeer and the other to make a paper Christmas tree with green embossed Rinea foil.
We next have Nadine Carlier with a fun Christmas Canvas fill with lots of fun mists and texture, and to make those reindeer just shine she used Rinea foil in plain copper.  Check out more on her blog here -
Now we Monica with a cute little Holiday Cookie box using rinea foil!!
Now that you have some amazing inspiration from our team to is time to make some projects of your own!!
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