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9 Rinea Foil Home Decor Ideas

9 Rinea Foil Home Decor Ideas | Rinea
The design team has created some amazing home decor items using Rinea foil from foil hear chains, to a mini canvas, and a cute little rocket to name a few.  Check them out!

We start off with this amazing foil rocket that Sonja made using the Gold Glossy foil.  She used her electronic cutter and pieces this beauty together.  Check out her blog HERE for more details.


Next is a video by Linda of her fun little mini canvas using Textured Star Struck Rinea Foil in Silver and Ruby to make some amazing rosettes!!!

Next is Steph with a fun little garden sign and a cute little butterfly on the vase cut out of Gold and Ruby Glossy Rinea foil.  For more info please see her blog HERE.

Karen made these cute little foil chain hearts with Blush and Ruby Glossy Rinea foil.  Such a great kids craft project for a party or just for fun!!  Check out her blog HERE.
Next is Erin with some fun party rosettes.  Perfect decor for graduation, kids birthday, and so much more!!  These can be made in all sorts of different foil colors and textures.  Also is a decorative letter "R" by Erin.
Here are some other fun ideas for home decor by Julie McGuffee and our designers.
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