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A Beautiful Layout And A Pretty Card by Patty Tanúz!

Posted on November 13 2020

I hope you're having a great day!!!!
Today we collaborate with the beautiful stamps of Cracker Box & Susy Stamps!!!!
 I'm sharing 2 projects and I love this!!!!!
First, my Christmas layout, using Jolly Foiled Paper Variety Pack!!!! Look what a beautiful colors!!!!
I love Cracker Box & Susy Stamps!!! Cool Deer is so pretty jijiji
I made a little envelope too... That red color is my favorite!!!!
My second project is this pretty and sweet card! I use  Jolly Foiled Paper Variety Pack too, and something of all colors to get a spring party!
This sweetie is   Bee Girl!!! I love her!!!!
Aw, here you can see Rinea Foiled Papers:
What a close up!!! :)