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A Bright And Cheery Owl Card To Say Thanks by Charity

A Bright And Cheery Owl Card To Say Thanks by Charity | Rinea
Charity here with a bright and cheery owl that can't wait to say "Thanks." She's made from an assortment of circles and beautiful Rinea Foiled Paper. Holding her together was a snap with Helmar Craft Glue!

Card using Rinea Foiled paper

Grey 5x7 card blank
1 Grey 3" circle
White Cardstock 3" Banner

Step 1: Round the lower two corners of the card blank and cut a shallow curve in the top.
My rounded corners are 1" to 1.25" in from the original corners. The shallow curve at the top is 0.75" deep.

Step 2: Position the 2" circles in rows of 3 or 4, starting at the bottom.
I alternated my colors from row to row by flipping the circles over.

I started out with alternating rows of 3 then 4 circles, as pictured. Then I decided I liked just three red circles at the top. The Helmar's Tacky Craft Glue gave me time to make that decision.

Step 3: Add Mocha circles to the Silver "eyes," then glue the eyes to the owl.
Play with positioning to decide how you want your owl to look. Once you have the perfect look, add adhesive only to the center of the silver eyes to glue them down. You will need the side and lower edge free to slip the beak under.

Step 4: Fold down 2 sides of a Mocha circle to make a beak. Glue the beak under and between the owl's eyes.
The grid above is made of 1/2 inch squares. The measurements don't need to be exact, but it helps give you an idea of how I made my owl.

Step 5: Cut Grey circle in half, position on the owl's sides as wings.
I knew I wanted a sentiment on my card, so I glued the straight edge of the owl's wings down and left the scalloped edge free.

Step 6: Layer and attach assorted diecut shapes and sentiment. I glued my "Thanks" between the owl's wings. A longer sentiment would fit easily along the bottom of the card.

My owl will most likely go as a Teacher Thanks. I never seem to have enough of those. But what an adorable valentines or birthday card it would be!

Card using Rinea Foiled paper

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