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A Day for Memories and Celebration

A Day for Memories and Celebration | Rinea
Charity here with a celebration of Mexican culture and childhood memories. For ten years I lived in San Antonio, Texas. While there I was introduced to The Day of the Dead. Not scary zombies or creepy ghosts, but a day to celebrate family members and friends that have passed on. It is a beautiful celebration of life and love. One symbol of that day is the sugar skull.
~ A Day To Remember ~
 I recently picked up a pack of stencils because of its fabulous skull and crossbones. Included was a sugar skull template. The idea for this wall decor was sparked!
 I applied a bit of Modeling Paste to this canvas with stencils. Then I was ready for COLOR! I spritzed on bright ink sprays and added metallic paint around the edge. Finally I decorated the skull with dots of glitter glue.
The Sugar Skull represents a very important day, so I needed a title to reflect that. I started with a strip of Rinea Foiled Paper in Glossy Violet. After decorating with flourish and heart stamps using Rinea Ghost Ink I was ready for words.
The letters are die-cut from Ebony Starstruck Rinea Foiled Paper. I punched the corners with a decorative punch and laced it to the canvas with twine.
Stop by my blog, Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies. 
Scrap On!