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Accordion Fold Medallion Banner For Spring by Charity

Posted on February 26 2018

Charity here from Scrappin’ Chaos with a new way to make an old favorite, accordion medallions. This banner spells out SPRING with pleated paper to frame each letter as well as birds and feathers to give it wings. Rinea's Pastel Foiled Paper Variety Pack is all about spring colors in both glossy and starstruck finishes. Rinea’s Stars N More Templates gets those accordion medallions done in a snap.

Banner with Rinea Foiled Paper

Step 1: Cut a 5” circle. Cut a 1.75” circle from the center, set this aside for final step.
Step 2: Fold the circle in half, lining up outer and inner edges. This will mark the center line and give you a guide for the following folds.
Step 3: Place #6 Template on the circle, lining up existing creases.
Step 4: Score remaining six lines. Fold circle at each of these score marks.

Step 5: Fold the circle in half at one set of score marks. This will give you a half circle with four creased sections. Fold one section in half to create a crease for the next set of sections.

Step 6: Place #6 Template on the circle, over the new crease. Score remaining 7 lines. Fold circle at each score mark. 

Step 7: Refold sections so that every other crease is up.
The finished medallion has 16 creases. The banner medallions have 32 creases.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your medallion has the desired number of creases.  
Step 9: Spread glue on the reserved center circle. Allow to partially dry.

 Step 10: Place accordion fold medallion on center circle. Hold in place till secure. Leave to dry completely.
Banner with Rinea Foiled Paper
The birds and feathers are die cut from the Spring variety pack. Embossing the birds gives them an additional spark of originality. I added different feather lengths to the banner pieces but kept with the pastel color theme. 
Banner with Rinea Foiled Paper
Stop by my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

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