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Angel Ornament by Annie

Angel Ornament by Annie | Rinea
Hello Crafty Friends - Annie here with another ornament for you to create. In a few steps, you can have an adorable angel ornament for your family tree.

I broke down the process into 10 simple steps - well 9 because the 10th is really just a finishing touch.
Supplies Needed:
Lara's Crafts wooden Cup, Doll Head & Wings
Plaid-FolkArt Paint in Georgia Peach & Black
Optional: Black Marker
Jewels - Recollections Brand in Emerald
Aleene's Tacky Glue & Hot Glue Sticks
Tools: Paintbrush, Hot glue Gun, Scissors

Step 1: Paint the doll head in Georgia Peach. I used a black marker for the eyes and hair - however, you can use black paint. Set aside to dry.
Step 2: Trim the Rinea Foil Paper into the following sizes:
1 - Ruby Starstruck in 1-1/2" x 6",
1 - Emerald Starstruck in 1" x 6", 1 -Silver in 2" x 4" and
3 -Gold Startstruck in 1/4" X  5"
Step 3: Cut small slits into the Emerald starstruck Foil Paper on one side - this will make easier to adhere the paper to the wooden cup. Run a bead of glue at the bottom curved part of the wooden cup. Slowly work the paper onto the cup.
Pressing firmly to make sure the paper adheres to the cup. You can use hot glue on this part making sure not to put to much glue and being careful not to burn yourself.
Step 4: Repeat the above process but no need to cut slits into the paper. Using the Ruby Starstruck paper adhere it to the cup. Next, Take one of the Gold Starstruck strips and adhere it to the cup. covering the seam between the Emerald and Ruby Starstruck papers. 
Step 5: Creating the Angel streamers - Rinea sells the thin pieces of foil on their Creativity Kits in the kit they are called Foil Shreds. I took some of the Foil Shreds - mostly the Silver, Gold, Ruby and Emerald - tied them in the center with 4" of Metallic thread - sort of creating a tassel.
Then, I insert the streamer aka tassel into the cup and glued it in place with a bit of hot glue.
Step 6: Creating the Angel's Hair:  I repeated the steps above to create the tassel - this time using some Ebony Starstruck Foil paper and 8" of metallic thread. Then, spread the Foil paper out a bit so that it's easier to place on the doll head. Adhere with a bit of  hot glue. Tie off the making sure to tie off the ends to create a hanger for the angel.
Step 7: Halo - Taking the another Gold Starstruck piece of paper fold the edges onto the back of the paper so you have a thin piece of paper and nice edges. Glue the ends together forming a circle. *Note: you can use a brush, or bottle to keep the halo's shape - I used the top of my stamp cleaner solution.  Next, Glue the head onto the body of the angel.
Slide the halo over the hanger and place on the Angel's head.
Step 8: I again took another Gold Starstruck Foil paper and repeated the steps of folding the sides in so I would have a nice clean edge. I then glued it onto the Angel's neck to cover the glue and open edges of the Ruby Starstruck Foil Paper. 
Step 9: Wings - I traced the wings on to the Silver Starstruck Foil Paper trimmed and set aside. Then, I adhered the wooden wings onto the Silver Starstruck Foil paper, trimmed both wings leaving a bit of the paper so that I could bring it up to the sides of the wings. Next, I added a bit of adhesive the edges and pressed into place. Smoothing the edges with my fingers. Then, I adhered the trimmed Silver Starstruck Foil paper wing on top of the exposed wood wings. Now both sides are completely covered with the Silver Starstruck paper. Next, Adhere to the back of the Angel using a bit of hot glue - making sure to move the hair and place the wings under - because we all know how annoying it is to get your hair tucked onto things.
Step 10: Finishing touches - Next, I adhered a small Emerald gem to the center of her gold necklace I created. Fluffy her streamers. 
Now your Angel ornament is complete! 
Hang her on your tree, gifts or anywhere you like to decorate for the holidays.
Thank you for stopping by today.
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