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Sensational Scraps: Turn Small Leftover Rinea Into Gorgeous Gift Tags

Posted on July 15 2017

Hello! It's Clair this morning, with a lovely, little idea that makes the most of those small Rinea Foiled Paper scraps that may be lying around at the end of an afternoon of crafting.
Rinea Foiled Paper Gift Tags

I've combined Blush/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, Copper/Copper Foiled Paper and Silver/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper with a selection of other cardstock scraps from my stash - there's always a Rinea Foiled Paper that coordinates! I've then used die-cuts to make simple, stackable 'Pennants'.

To finish each Gift Tag, I've added a small embellishment, then added a hole which can be used to add ribbon or twine. So simple!

*** TOP TIPS ***

Use smaller scraps of Rinea Foiled Papers with smaller die-cuts to create custom embellishments.

Add extra texture with embossing.

Flatter embellishments, such as the die-cut initial 'E', mean that the Gift Tag (seen above) can be re-used as a bookmark, whereas those with a bulkier embellishment can be re-used as an embellishment on cards! 

Rinea Foiled Paper Gift Tags

So, w
hy tidy those scraps away at the end of a crafting session, when there's the opportunity to keep on making?

Clair x