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Creating A Blue Tiled Ghost Inked Stamped Notebook Cover
by Jessa Plant

Creating A Blue Tiled Ghost Inked Stamped Notebook Cover<br/><small> by Jessa Plant</small> | Rinea
Hi there! Jessa here today to share this fun Blue Tiled Ghost Inked Stamped Notebook with you.

Notebook Cover with Rinea Foiled Paper and Ghost Ink

I love the look of old blue Mediterranean style tiles and how they are all similar, yet each slightly different. They are the first thing that I thought of when I saw the Shades of Blue Glossy Foiled Paper Pack. All those pretty blues with the gold on the back!
I found these tile stamps from Altenew that are designed after Moroccan tiles and they are gorgeous. I knew they would be perfect with the Shades of Blue foiled paper.

The cool thing about the Rinea foiled paper is that you can get the Ghost Ink Pad, which is like a stamp pad, but it makes the color disappear, like a ghost! All you need to do is stamp the Ghost Ink onto the foiled paper, wait a few seconds and then wipe it off with a paper towel. Just like magic, you get a fun image! I highly suggest using a stamping platform, so that you get a crisp stamped images.
Once you have stamped the tiles in all four colors onto the blue foiled papers, cut out the individual square tiles. You can use a paper cutter or just scissors, it isn't meant to be perfect.

Rip a piece of deli paper or tissue paper along the edge of a table, so you have a straight tear. Tear it so that it is slightly smaller than the notebook cover. Use decoupage glue to adhere to the deli paper to the cover. A brayer helps to make it flat. Adhere the foiled paper tiles to the notebook cover, making sure to alternate the different blue colors and different tile designs. A permanent tape runner works well for this.

Lastly, add a sentiment by using a strip the gold side of the blue foiled paper. I wrote 'notes' using a white gel pen since it's a notebook, but if you are making a card you can write anything.