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Boho Style Earrings by Annie

Boho Style Earrings by Annie | Rinea
Hello Craft Friends - Annie here with a fun project using the Princess Variety Pack.
 I created these Boho-inspired earrings.  Instead of using string to fill the loops I used thin strips of Rinea Foil paper.

Supplies Used:
Fuchsia Starstruck Foiled Paper
Jewelry Wire
Jewelry Wire Snips
Jewelry Round Pliers
Fish-hook earring wires
Let's get started!
First, measure and cut a piece of Jewelry wire to about 5"
Next, using a small bottle or container to help you shape the loop. form your wire into a U shape.
Next, take one end of the wire and start wrapping it around the other. The jewelry wire is soft enough to shape and wrap. 
Continue to wrap the wire until it's completely done. 
Now, snip off a bit of the wire from the other side - using the wire snips. Use the Round Nose pliers to create a hook shape. This is how you will attach the earring base to the fish hook wires later.
Next, gather your thin strips of Rinea Foil Paper. I used Starstruck Blush Pink and Starstruck Silver. I pulled out several from the pack but all you need is a thin 12" strip of paper for the weaving.
Then, insert one end of the Starstruck Blush Pink Foil paper strip into the loop. Add a bit of adhesive to it and wrap it on the wire.  
Now, trim a strip of Starstruck Silver foil paper into about 4"  Fold in half, insert the loop into the foil strip. Add a bit of adhesive to the foil paper center place the wire in the adhesive. Next, a bit more adhesive to the two open ends of the silver foil paper. Making sure that none of the adhesive gets in the middle of the silver foil paper strip - we will be weaving the Starstruck Blush Paper through it. Now, add a bit of adhesive to the wire and press the Starstruck foil paper into it.  
Now, weaving the Starstruck Blush Pink paper through the Starstruck Silver paper and then over the wire. Then, under the wire and through the silver paper. Repeat the process until the loop is completely covered.
Now, when you get to the top - trim the paper leaving a small tail - about 1/8". Making sure it's long enough to end up on the back of the earring. Add adhesive to the end and wrap it around the top just under the wrapped wire. Press firmly.
 Now, using the round nose pliers - take the fish hook and place it on the open end of the loop. Use the pliers to close the loop. 
Repeat the steps above for the second earring.
Now your earrings are finished!
Thank you for stopping by!!

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