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Butterfly Mobile with Jess

Butterfly Mobile with Jess | Rinea
Hello friends!
It's Designer Jess here today with a beautiful butterfly mobile!  This was a fun project - but incredibly difficult to photograph! LOL

I realized after making it how difficult it was going to be to photograph! 😂 
Here are the products you will need for this project:
Butterfly Punch
Clear Thread or fishing line
Hand sewing needle
Hot Glue
Small wreath form
Assorted greenery and flowers
Seed Beads

Step 1:
Punch out a ton of butterflies!

Step 2:
Using your sewing needle and clear thread, attach two seed beads to the bottom of a piece of thread and tie a double knot. Add your butterflies to the line and knot each butterfly as you go.  Create 4 strands of various lengths and attach to your wreath form.
Step 3:
Add your greenery and flowers to the wreath form using hot glue.

Step 4:
Use two lengths of ribbon and attach at 4 opposite points of the wreath to create your hanger. I hot glued them, then tie a knot at the top, creating a loop to hang

Step 5: (optional)
Using hot glue, add a second butterfly to random pieces to give a 3D look! Hang your mobile and enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog!  I love to read your comments, thanks for leaving them!
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Have a great day!