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Candy Wrappers with Martha Lucia

Posted on July 19 2019

Hi there! Martha Lucia here with you.

Today I’m sharing these candy wrappers with Rinea. I love the amazing touch that this foiled paper brings to my events and ideas!

Candy Wrappers with Martha Lucia

Make candy wrappers is really simple and you can definitely transform any candy that you want. Let me share my first idea with you:

Candy Wrappers with Martha Lucia

This is called sour cream container and to make this you only need a square piece of Rinea Foiled Paper.

Candy Wrappers with Martha Lucia

    1. Cut a 6"x6" piece of Silver/Silver Starstruck and paste double sided tape as you see on the bellow photo.
    2. Then create a tube pasting the long side of adhesive.
    3. Close one of the ends removing the tape pasted on the center of the borders.
    4. Add your small candies and paste the other end on the opposite side. 
    5. Personalize and finalize with your decoration.

Candy Wrappers with Martha Lucia

My second project is to make a complete wrapper. I used a box of gums, but you can also use a bar of chocolate or any other candy.

Candy Wrappers with Martha Lucia

    1. Size the candy that you want to wrap, leaving enough foiled paper to overlap the lateral sides and to close the ends. To make mine, I used a piece of Blush/Blush Starstruck Rinea Foiled Paper of 5-1/2"x5". 
    2. Add double sided tape to one side and on the center of the lateral sides.
    3. Put your candy box on the center and meet the borders on the center.
    4. Close the sides.
    5. Personalize.

Candy Wrappers with Martha Lucia

My last wrapper is to cover a chocolate bar and let the sides open.
  1. Size your chocolate and cut the piece of Rinea Foiled Paper that you want to use. I used Ebony/Ebony Starstruck of 6"x5".
  2. Add double-sided tape to one of the sides.
  3. Wrap your chocolate bar placing the adhesive side over the opposite side.

To finalize mine, I used a small die-cut from Spellbinders that I pasted centered over from of each design. Also with a scoring tool, I added some lines at the end of the closed designs to make it more detailed.

Candy Wrappers with Martha Lucia

Really these wrappers are very simple but add to your events an extraordinary touch of elegance and sophistication just using Rinea Foiled Paper.

See you soon!

Martha Lucia


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