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Celebrate with a Summer Cake Topper

Celebrate with a Summer Cake Topper | Rinea

Hi guys! Jessa here from Sparkle Living Blog with a fun Summer Cake Topper for you to make. Actually, I made it as a brownie topper, because brownies are the bomb around my home. This is the perfect way to acknowledge the beginning of summer break and all the fun to be had.




In your electronic cutting machine software, size both the sun and the word 'summer.' Group them together and then create an outline of the whole design. Ungroup the whole design and separate each element to its own page.

Using cardstock, cut out two pieces of the background and the word 'summer.' Then cut out the sun, the center of the sun and the word 'summer' again, using Rinea foiled paper.

 Adhere the foiled paper sun cutouts to one of the background pieces. I used the Xyron Creative Station for this step. Adhere the foiled paper 'summer' to the cardstock 'summer' then stick it on top of the sun.

Flatten the top part of the paper straw and glue it between the two background pieces of cardstock.

Stick it in some fresh brownies and enjoy!