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Christmas Frame by Martha Lucia

Christmas Frame by Martha Lucia | Rinea

Hello crafty friends, Martha Lucia here with you!

On this project, I decided to feature the Jolly Foiled Paper Variety Pack. It offered all the traditional Christmas colors and work perfectly for my Christmas Frame Decoration.

Christmas Frame by Martha Lucia

The free area of my red metallic frame is 8"x10". To create this I used the Crafty pack and like it has 6 inches of wide, I just cut two strips from one sheet. But let me share step by step how easy is to make this Christmas Frame Decoration.


  1. Cut the base of the free area. If you are using the crafty pack, just cut two strips of 4" wide and resize the high to 11". If you are using the Artist's Pack, just use 4 layers, 2 of 4"x6" and 2 of 4"x4". You can cover the union borders with the other elements of the decoration. I used the starstruck ruby design.
  2. Cut the border of the dress using starstruck silver design. Mine is 2"x10" and paste in that way that it covers the union of the borders or over the center of the vertical unions.
  3. Cut the belt using Ebony Gold Glossy Rinea Foiled paper, 2"x8". This color is not included on the Jolly Foiled Variety Pack but like I only needed a strip I cut it from the color directly.
  4. Cut the buttons using a circle punch or circle die.
  5. To decorate the belt, just create the frame cutting it with a square die cut or any other border design of die cuts. I used the same starstruck silver that I used for the center of the Santa dress.
  6. Finalized your frame cutting some decorative pieces from the additional colors included on the Jolly Foiled Paper Variety Pack.

Christmas Frame by Martha Lucia

The different sizes of the Rinea Foiled Paper are perfect for all our your creativity needs. You can find the Crafty Packages that include 12 sheets of 6"x12" and the Artist's Packs that are 12 sheets of 4"x6", perfect for cardmakers.
Thank you for stopping by and see you soon with another idea because Rinea Inspire us!