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Christmas Gift Idea with Rinea Foils

Christmas Gift Idea with Rinea Foils | Rinea
Julie McGuffee has created the most amazing Christmas gifts from a wrapped candle, floating frame, ornament, and a cute little angel all using Rinea foils!!
First is a candle wrapped in die cut plain copper over a fancy cute embossed silver foil all died off with a sweet little bow.
Then there is this amazing floating frame with a plain gold foil die cut in a tree laid over a green embossed foil all embedded in a floating acrylic frame surround by tinsel.
A pretty ornament with plain silver foil cut in a sweet angel die and then the plain green foil also cut to surround the angel. 
Last a beautiful angel with a Styrofoam ball as a base for the head and then surrounded with the amazing foils die cut in gold and silver plain foils.
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