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Confetti Cards by Michelle Frae Cummings

Confetti Cards by Michelle Frae Cummings | Rinea
Hi everyone, Michelle here with a clever idea on what to do with your foiled paper scraps. How about a confetti card? Below you will find instructions to make 2 types of confetti cards. Enjoy!

Cards using Rinea Foiled Paper

Supplies used in making this card:
Fringe scissors
Clear shipping tape
Blank card and cardstock cut smaller than the front of your card.
Tape runner or double stick tape.
Hot laminate machine *(optional)
With your fringe scissors, cut your foil one way, then the other way. Do this over a large platter to catch any flyaway pieces. 
Pull off a long piece of the clear shipping tape and lay across your top card, sticky side up. 
Sprinkle your confetti onto the tape, keeping within the card perimeter. Leave some gaps for the card color to show through and allow the tape to adhere to the card. When done, gently press the confetti onto the tape with your fingers and shake off any excess.
Trim off any overhanging confetti or leave alone. 
Flip the tape over and align with the card. Starting on one side, carefully press the tape in place with your fingers. Secure the ends of the tape to the back of the card. 
*For a more finished look, before adhering to the card blank, run this through your hot laminate machine. 
Adhere this card to the front of the blank card and add your sentiment. 
Here's another variation. 
Card #2
Clear contact paper
Hot laminate machine
Clear glue dots
Blank card
 I used my rainbow confetti mix which was a combination of all the bright colors of Rinea Foiled Paper from glossy, frosted, metallic and the starstruck foiled papers. I used standard scissors and fringe scissors for a random cut of colors. 
For this card, you will want to cut a long piece of contact paper the same width as your card. Fold this piece in half. Peel off the backing and lay the contact paper sticky side up. Add confetti to one side only. Then starting at the fold, carefully press the other sticky side onto the confetti. Trim off the sides before running through your laminate machine. 
Cut to size for your card and adhere to the glue dots.
You can also run it through your die cutting machine for some whimsical shapes. 
I store my confetti in clear stacking containers.
Here are some color combinations I made for future use.