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Create A Fun Christmas Tree BY Diana Soling

Create A Fun Christmas Tree BY Diana Soling | Rinea

Hi everyone! I'm here to share this fun little Christmas tree with you today. I had such fun making this! 

I started by cutting all of the greens from cardstock using a fun die set from Concord & 9th. Once I had them cut I started adding them to the stick provided. 

Once I had them all together I started cutting out my garland, ornaments, and star using Ruby/Gold foiled paper, silver/silver starstruck foiled paper

I then started decorating my tree by wrapping the garland. 

What I like best about this foiled paper is if you want you could twist the garland to show both the ruby and gold. I wanted to keep it more traditional. 

I then started adding the ornaments. Since I cut one panel from each color I still have quite a few left over for a future project. 

Here is a closer look at the ornaments once they are added. 

I love the shine this adds! For the star I cut two from the Silver/Gold glossy foiled paper and glued them together at the top of the stick.


Rinea:Ruby/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, Silver/Gold Glossy foiled paper, Silver/Silver Starstruck foiled paper

Concord & 9th: In the Classroom-take a bough encore dies