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Create Floral Fairy Lights by Jessa Plant

Create Floral Fairy Lights by Jessa Plant | Rinea

Hello friends! Jessa from Sparkle Living Blog here today to share this fun Floral Fairy Lights craft with you! This strand of lighted beauty is so easy to customize and is perfect summer party decor!



Using the software with your craft cutting machine, load your flower layers and resize them to the preferred size. Using the tool that creates cuts, add two 0.5 inch lines to the middle of each flower. These will be for threading the string lights through.

Cut out enough flowers for your fairy lights. The strand that I used had 20 lights, and I added a flower on every other light, so ten flowers, each having three layers.
Gently thread the lights through the center of the flowers. This is the part that takes the longest.
Once you have the flowers threaded onto the lights, add a drop of glue between each layer of flower so that they stay in place. 
Let the glue dry, then fluff up each flower. Display your gorgeous lighted garland!