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Create Rolled Foiled Paper Roses
by Jessa Plant

Create Rolled Foiled Paper Roses <br/><small> by Jessa Plant </small> | Rinea
Hi friends! Jessa here from Sparkle with a beautiful flower craft for you today. These rolled foiled paper roses are so easy create and make a fun use of the 3D Rolled Star Die set. I used the Love Variety Pack, because the colors just scream Valentine's Day, but you can use any colors for this project!



  • Cut out various sizes and colors using the 3D ornament die set and a die cutting machine (or use the SVG with your electronic cutting machine.)
  • Start with the larger die cuts first. Take your smooth sided pencil or pen, and roll a petal towards the center.

  • Make your way all the way around the circle, rolling all the petals.
  • With a smaller die cut, either the same or a different color, roll the petals the same way. I like to make the smaller rolls a bit tighter.
  • Using just a dot of glue, adhere the smaller rolled petals to the inside of the larger rolled petals.
  • Cut some leaf shapes out in gold and glue them under the roses.