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Create Some Fun Christmas Cards With Tree Dies by Ceal Pritchett

Posted on December 06 2020


Hello Everyone!

It's Ceal, here to share a couple cards with you today that I created using a tree die cut and Rinea foiled papers. 

The first step is to decide is yo u want a plain background or patterned one. I used some design paper from my stash as the backgrounds on both of my cards. 

Step two is to choose a tree die, I used one by Concord & 9th buut you could use any tree die cut.  The die cut set that I used also had garland included with it. 

Step three is to cut out your tree and garland out of the foiled paper. the colors I used were, Emerald Starstruck  for the tree, Silver Starstruck  for the garland on the first card and Jade Starstruck for the tree,  Violet Starstruck for the garland on the second card.  on both cards I added gold to the tree trunk. 

Step four and to finish the card I adhered the trees to the patterned panel and all panels to the base then added the Merry cut out in Ebony.  


Here are the two together