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Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts by Martha

Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts by Martha | Rinea
Hello crafty friends, Martha Lucia here with you.
Today I made a Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts. Originally these die cuts, the 3D Rolled Star Die set was created to make only stars but you can stretch it and create different things. I love to use them to make flowers and here is a sample of that:
Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts

The process to make flowers is very simple; you only need to decide the sizes and create your own design of petals. Let me share my experience with them:
  1. Cut the three die circles using your favorites colors or single colors. In my sample, I used three different colors and patterns. I used the same size of the die cut with starstruck Fuchsia StarstruckLavender Starstruck, and Glossy Violet/Gold. All these colors are available in our Rinea Store.

    Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts
  2. After cutting the star circles, you can make your design of petals just cutting the borders with a pair of scissors. In my model, I just rounded the small size.

    Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts
3. With a bamboo skewer or tiny pen, curve the petals creating the form that you want to use. To make mine I curved the borders of each petal inside.

Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts

4. Repeat the process with the other two layers of die cuts but at this time curving the petals in the opposite side to give dimension to each petal.
Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts

To finalize the flower, just paste each layer on the center and if you want you to add a circle behind to add easily to your project.

Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts

As the final part of the decoration, I added a big stone on the center and made a background to put inside of the  IKEA frame. I used two different colors of Rinea Foiled Paper. The first layer is Mocha Starstruck and the second Turquoise Starstruck, but after putting it inside of the frame, the mocha layer is not visible. Also, I added a message or sentiment inside of my frame that I cut using a combining the glossy Lavender/Gold and Fuchsia/Gold with the inlaid technique.

Decoration with Rinea Die Cuts

Work with Rinea Foiled paper is easy and fun at the same time. You only need to try the foiled paper just like you try your regular paper or card stock and you will get excellent results.
See you soon!