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How to Make Easy Fall Flowers with Rinea Foiled Paper by Betzys Designs

Posted on September 30 2020

Hi Crafters!
Betzy’s Designs is here today, taking over the Rinea blog to share a beautiful and easy paper flower.

Rinea paper use for flower:

Double-sided Merlot color from the Vineyard Variety Pack

Rinea paper used for the base and leaves:

Emerald Starstruck Color from the Jolly Variety Pack


Cut four pieces of paper with the dimension of 4”x4”

Fold in quarts and then in a triangle.

Cut the petals so you will end with five pieces of:

  • 3 petals
  • 4 petals
  • 5 petals
  • 6 petals
  • 7 petals

Glue the petals of all of the pieces except the smallest one. Use the smallest piece to start building the flower into the stick.

Some tips to remember:

Use a heat gun to clean the traces of hot glue.

A double color paper will show a more beautiful dimension.

Add green petals to the base of the stick.

Happy Crafting!