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DIY Floral Gift Box by Yolie Burke

DIY Floral Gift Box by Yolie Burke | Rinea
Hello and welcome. This is Yolie with today's project. I am so excited to be sharing this pretty gift box with you.

Rinea Foiled Paper DIY Gift Box

1. I took a 2 7/8" x 2 7/8" FloraCraft® STYROFOAM® Cube and sliced it at 1". The box I used measures 3" x 4 1/4". I painted the cut STYROFOAM® black and then adhered it to the lid of the box.


2. Next, I layered different petals, and hot glued them to the STYROFOAM®

3. I used a two piece metal die set to cut the Blush/Gold Glossy Foil Paper. I die cut four sets, for all four sides of the box. I layered the die cuts and glued them to them to the sides of the box.

4. Here is the completed floral gift box.  I am happy how it turned out. I totally see this box for Christmas; Emerald Star Struck Foiled Paper medallions topped with poinsettias.

Rinea Foiled Paper Gift Box

Thank you for visiting and happy crafting.