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DIY Mother Daughter Resin Pendant with Susie Bentz

DIY Mother Daughter Resin Pendant with Susie Bentz | Rinea

I made some resin pendants in March using elements die cut from Rinea Foiled Paper and it turns out that is a little addictive! Here is a colorful Mother Daughter pendant I whipped up just because I could!

I have quite a collection of dies and I am fascinated with all things tiny. I was very excited when I happened upon my Potty People dies and realized they would work perfectly in one of my silicone resin molds! Since I wanted the figures to represent my daughter and me I used our favorite colors - Starstruck Sapphire Blue for me and Glossy Violet for my girl!

Following the manufacturers instructions I mixed up a small portion of resin and filled a silicone mold half way. I let it cure for several hours and then added the die cut figures. Since the resin is clear and the figures are visible from both sides, I actually cut 2 of the smaller figure from the Violet/Gold Glossy.  I sandwiched the larger figure (cut from Starstruck Sapphire) between the 2 smaller figures with the Violet side of the Foiled Paper facing out. I also added a heart cut from Ruby/Gold Foiled Paper before covering it all with more resin.

When it was ready I de-molded the charm and added a jump ring.  This photo shows the gold side of the heart....

...and the reverse shows the red side of the heart!  


Taylored Expressions Potty People Die

Silicone Mold