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DIY Rinea Foil Hyacinth Flowers

Posted on February 02 2017

Erin is on the blog today with some amazing DIY flowers.  Made completely of the Rinea foil and some Beacon glue, these flowers are truly a spring wonder!
I love to make paper flowers, and when I can make them 3 dimensional it is even better!!  I love the beauty of the Rinea foils about how they shimmer, sparkle, and retain the shape you put them in as you roll it.  So I thought what would be a fun flower for spring, a hyacinth!!
The Rinea foil is perfect for this project as the paper holds it shape wonderfully when you roll it.  It also has a this amazing sparkly shimmer because it is foil!!  Here is a video on how to make these fun flowers!
The glossy Rinea paper have a color on one side and gold on the back, so it really makes for a beautiful looking flower!
Now go out and make some pretty flowers!!!

Foil - Rinea Foil
Green Glossy, Pink Glossy, Purple Glossy, Gold Glossy
Pink Embossed, Light Blue Embossed

Cutter/Scissors - Fiskars
Stick or Paintbrush
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

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