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DIY Rinea Foil Hyacinth Flowers

DIY Rinea Foil Hyacinth Flowers | Rinea
Erin is on the blog today with some amazing DIY flowers.  Made completely of the Rinea foil and some Beacon glue, these flowers are truly a spring wonder!
I love to make paper flowers, and when I can make them 3 dimensional it is even better!!  I love the beauty of the Rinea foils about how they shimmer, sparkle, and retain the shape you put them in as you roll it.  So I thought what would be a fun flower for spring, a hyacinth!!
The Rinea foil is perfect for this project as the paper holds it shape wonderfully when you roll it.  It also has a this amazing sparkly shimmer because it is foil!!  Here is a video on how to make these fun flowers!
The glossy Rinea paper have a color on one side and gold on the back, so it really makes for a beautiful looking flower!
Now go out and make some pretty flowers!!!

Foil - Rinea Foil
Green Glossy, Pink Glossy, Purple Glossy, Gold Glossy
Pink Embossed, Light Blue Embossed

Cutter/Scissors - Fiskars
Stick or Paintbrush
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

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