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How To Make A Cute Angel Decoration by Patty Tanúz

How To Make A Cute Angel Decoration by Patty Tanúz | Rinea
Hi!!!! Patty Tanúz here!!!! I hope you're having a great day!!!!
Today,  we will make a beautiful little angel with Rinea Foiled Papers!!!! Look!!!!!

I use Jolly Variety Pack, my favorite!!!! I have a a rectangle of kraft paper and I cover it, making a tube. After I cut a circle, and I cut it like in the photo!!!!
I cover circle with my beautiful Rinea Foiled Paper and close it with staples! This will be the basis for my little angel...
Now, I decorate my tube, which is the body of my little angel!!!! After I make two small perforation of both sides...
I use two small wires and I decorate with pearls and a sphere to make the arms, I put the end of the wire inside each hole ...
For the beautiful face, I use a stone jiji I painted eyes and a little mouth :)
I did this to adorn her neck ...
What do you think??? Beautiful and nice with his curly hair :)
See how beautiful are the Rinea Foiled Papers!!!!
And the happiest? My little granddaughter because I gave it to her! And she told me that the angel looked like me jajajaja I think for the curly hair jajaja
Hope you like!!!! if you try this beautiful tutorial, tag me for see your version!!!