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Elegant Butterfly Foil Card

Elegant Butterfly Foil Card | Rinea
Hi, Michelle here with a clever and elegant way to make a card with Rinea foils!

For this project, I used the following:

4"x 5" watercolor paper
4 1/4" x 5 1/4" red card blank
Dandelion burst background stamp by Sin City Stamps
Butterfly punch
70% rubbing alcohol and paper towel.
Heat gun, scissors, pliers, gold wire, gold acrylic paint, watercolors, adhesive, rhinestones, foam tape and washi tape.

Paint your watercolor paper with water first then add some color. Let dry before adding a bit of the gold paint with a dry brush.
Trim the red foil to be 4" x 5" and stamp with the ghost ink. Set the ink on the foil with the heat gun for about 10 seconds then wipe off with the alcohol on a bit of paper towel.
Punch both the painted cardstock and stamped foil as shown. Then flip the foil and trim if needed so the un-punched portion of the foil sets behind the open butterfly from the painted card.

Carefully apply adhesive to the back side of the painted card before adhering to the foil.
Add strips of washi tape now and tuck the ends behind the card.
Adhere entire card to the blank red card.

To make the butterfly antenna, bend a 1 ½" of gold wire and loop the ends with the pliers. Tuck under one of the punched foil butterfly and glue to the top of the card. Place a bit of foam tape onto the second butterfly and adhere to the first.

Rinea Foiled Paper Cards

Finish your card by adding rhinestones and turning up the butterfly wings.