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Embellished Rinea Foil Planner Clips

Embellished Rinea Foil Planner Clips | Rinea
Linda on the blog today with some amazing little planner clips.  They are so cute and perfect for more than just planners.  They can be made to suit any color need and have any number of embellishments on them as you see fit!
Take a piece of Pink Embossed Rinea Foil and cut to 1.5 in. x 3 in. Fold in half and place through paper clip on the closed side. Glue in place.

Cut pink card stock into 1 in. squares. Go around edge with Tim Holtz Distress Ink Picked Raspberry.

Select two Calico Collage Simply Spring Charm Images and cut from collage sheet. Add Brutus Monroe Detail Ink around the edges. This will hide the white edge where the paper was cut.

Adhere Image to pink square then to Rinea foil.

Select three pink flowers and glue in place on the lower left corner of image. Add drops of glitter glue to centers of flowers.

Tie bow with pink yarn and adhere to right side of image.

Once the glitter glue has dried repeat on the other side of Rinea Foil.

You now have a two sided embellished paperclip that can be used in a journal, scrapbook page or even your Happy Planner.

Here is a video on how to make a Pink Embellished Rinea Foil Paperclip:
These are just too cute!!  Use a printed image for just decorate them with other embellishments such as flowers, and you are set to go!
Fuchsia Embossed Rinea Foil:
Calico Collage Simply Spring Charm Images:
Paper Clips Jumbo
Pink Cardstock scrap
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Picked Raspberry
Brutus Monroe Detail Ink
Prima Flowers in Pink
Pink Yarn
Tulip Glitter paint
Aleene's White Glue

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