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Floral Gift Box by Yolie Burke

Floral Gift Box by Yolie Burke | Rinea
Hello, this is Yolie with today's project share. I love black and white stripes on everything. So when I found this photo box, I knew it would make the perfect gift box topped off with bright Rinea flowers. The supply is listed below.

I used the small 3D Rolled Star Dies to create the pom pom flowers. I cut 3 sheets at a time for a total of 6 layers per flower. I then gently folded each petal and adhered each layer with hot glue. I then cut several other different size flowers and sprigs.
First, I assembled the flowers and used hot glue to adhere. I then glued the doily to the lid of the box and added the sprigs.

I then added the largest of the flowers, the Fuchsia/Gold Glossy flower and then added the rest of the flowers to make the pretty bouquet of Rinea flowers.

I love the vibrant colors, here's a top view of the gift box.

I simply love the bright blooms! How have you used Rinea's 3D Rolled Star Dies? We would love to see your projects, please share them on our Facebook page.
Thank you for visiting and happy crafting.