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Flowers with Love Card Perfect For Mother's Day by Natalie Ballard

Flowers with Love Card Perfect For Mother's Day by Natalie Ballard | Rinea

Products used

For this project, you will need:

  • Rinea Foiled Paper in Violet PurpleFuchsia and Blush for flowers and Jade for leaves
  • White slimline card blank
  • Craft foam sheet
  • Ghost Ink 2.0 Pad
  • Floral Dies (from Little B but any detail and solid floral dies can be used)
  • Heart Embossing Folder (from Docrafts now retired)
  • Custom stencil
  • Sentiment topper (from Docrafts)


1) Place your stencil onto your purple foiled paper; using a blending brush kept just for Ghost Ink, apply the Ghost Ink through the stencil removing colour as you go. This technique works best on stronger colours like ebony, mocha and cobalt.

Applying Ghost ink

2) Without removing the stencil, run your piece through your die-cutting machine using your die embossing sandwich (the one using a rubber or tan mat). Remove the stencil to reveal the embossing.

3) Trim this piece to the boundary edges of your stencil.

4) Emboss a piece of Blush foiled paper using the heart embossing folder. You could add Ghost Ink to this embossing if you wish.

4) Trim your blush piece to the width of your purple panel using a trimmer; this prevents damaging the embossing. 

5) Add a piece of craft foam to the back of your embossed panel to give it a stable base to adhere to. You can use a combination of double-sided adhesive and PVA to adhere this.

6) Cut the solid dies for a mix of the three purple/pinks, you will need 2 pieces for every flower. The detail dies then cut out of these solid shapes so you will need to do this for one piece of every pair. Mixing the colours up works best to give your design impact.

7) Adhere the layers with PVA or you can apply double-sided adhesive prior to die-cutting. I use a stamp block to apply even pressure while the glue starts to set. 

8) Assemble your flowers into your desired layout. You can embellish the wit foliage elements cut from the Jade foiled paper

9) Add your sentiment topper, along with additional foliage or floral elements if necessary to balance your design.