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Foiled Paper 3D Star by Jessa Plant

Foiled Paper 3D Star by Jessa Plant | Rinea

Hi there! Jessa from Sparkle Living here today to share one of my favorite 3D crafts. This is a perfect craft for Christmas In July because it's beautiful star ornaments. Even better, there is no special dies or cutters involved, all you need is Rinea foiled paper, scissors and glue. 

I've made these 3D stars before with cardstock, for the 4th of July (you can see that tutorial here.) The method for this one is pretty much the same, except the stars are smaller, made with Rinea foiled paper, and there are eight points instead of ten.

I ended up using the Frosted Variety Pack in the Artist's Pack size, although the Jolly or Shades of Blue would make great Christmas 3D stars too!

In the variety pack, there are two sheets of each color. You will want to start by cutting each piece of foiled paper into four even rectangles, so that you end up with eight rectangles of each color.

Take a piece fold it 3/4s of the way up, like in the photo below.

Then fold the remaining top part down, like a little tab. Repeat with the other seven pieces.

Cut triangles out of one side of the folded paper, like in the second collage photo below. Then fold the paper from the bottom corner to the point of the triangle, like the third and fourth image in the collage. 

Glue the tab so that it tucks inside the opposite end. Repeat with all the pieces. 

Then add glue to the triangle side of the piece and adhere it to another piece, on the triangle side. Try to make it so that the seam of the papers are all on one side of the star so the can be on the back. Repeat until all the pieces are glued together.

 Add a rhinestone to the center and enjoy your stars!