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Foiled Paper Desert Scene by Michelle Frae Cummings

Foiled Paper Desert Scene by Michelle Frae Cummings | Rinea

Hi, Michelle here to show you how you can make a tranquil desert scene with foiled papers!

Supplies used:

  1. Blush/Glossy Gold Foiled Paper
  2. Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foiled Paper
  3. Gold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  4. Fushia/Fushia Starstruck Foiled Paper
  5. Marigold/ Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  6. Jade/Jade StarStruck Foiled Paper
  7. Copper/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  8. 12x12 Chipboard
  9. Tracing paper
  10. Pencil and scissors
  11. Watercolors
  12. Coarse sandpaper
  13. Quick drying adhesive

Start by drawing a desert scene onto your chipboard. Make sure to a have a focal point- your cactus and a background such as the hills and mountains.

Trace the cactus onto the tracing paper and cut out.

Paint your background with the watercolors.

Fold a strip of the Fushia Starstruck into 3 squares. Use the pencil to freehand draw a simple heart. Cut through all 3 layers. Do this again, but slightly smaller for other blooms.Glue your hearts in place as shown.

Use your tracing as a template for the main cactus. Trace the entire cactus onto the Emerald Starstruck as a whole, then just the torso 2-3 times and cut out. Fold torso pieces in half lengthwise.

Distress the foiled paper with the sandpaper, starting in the center and out at an angle.

Glue the folded pieces to each other, then to the main shape of the cactus.

Crumple your Marigold, Blush, Gold, and Copper foiled papers.

Cut them into strips, then small triangles and squares. These are your desert rocks. Glue in place around the cactus and down the hills.

For the spines, Cut a strip of gold foiled paper and fold it in half. Then cut up little strips.

Dot the cactus with glue and leave to set up a bit, then attach the spines.

Add more desert stones, scatter some and feel free to mix up the colors.

Add more Fushia hearts if you want your flowers fuller. 

Sit back and enjoy your beautiful desert scene!