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Folding Butterflies with Rinea Foiled Paper by Janet

Folding Butterflies with Rinea Foiled Paper by Janet | Rinea
This is Janet from Try it - Like it - Create it, and I am sharing a tutorial for folding butterflies with Rinea Foiled Paper.

butterflies title

While this technique works with any form of paper, the Rinea Foiled Paper makes them so much more special. The butterflies hold their shape better with the foiled paper. The colors are beautiful and work well for decorative decor. You can get a variety of different sizes by starting with a different sized square of Rinea Foiled Paper.

I used teal, turquoise, and silver starstruck Rinea Foiled Paper.

    • Rinea foiled paper (Misfits)
    • scissors
Begin by choosing your color/colors.
Cut 1 square piece of Rinea Foiled Paper
Follow the video tutorial below.

butterflies on board

They make a great decor piece.
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