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Graduation Banner by Steph

Posted on June 01 2017

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here with today's post.  It's June and graduation season is upon us.  My son recently graduated from college, so I created a banner incorporating Rinea Foiled Paper to celebrate his graduation.

Graduation Banner using Rinea Foiled Paper

Using my Cricut, I placed Star Struck Gold/Gold on an older Cricut mat and cut the letters at 4 1/2".  I've found using an older/less sticky mat is the best for Rinea Foils.  I used medium pressure and medium speed.  The letters cut well except for the "R" - my blade dragged across the top so I popped in a new blade and recut the "R" without a problem.

See the difference a new blade makes?

I like to remove the excess foil from around the letters first.  I find it easier to release the letters from the Cricut mat when done in this fashion.

I then die cut some black cardstock to use as shadow letters for the foiled letters.  Placing Beacon Adhesive's Tacky Glue on the foiled letters, I adhered them to the cardstock letters.

Next, I used Star Struck Emerald Foiled Paper to die cut the year at 1 1/2". 

Again, I removed the excess foil around the numbers first.

Because the numbers were very fine, I put them through a Xyron Sticker Maker and adhered them to cardstock numbers.

Using chipboard pieces, I cut cardstock and graduation papers to fit. 

I added some star paper across the bottom of each panel then added the letters.  The numbers were placed along the bottom of the panels.

Graduation Banner using Rinea Foiled Paper
I braided Whisker Graphics Black Twine to use as hangers.

I placed the twine through the holes in the chipboard panels so now the panels can be hung anywhere.

Graduation Banner using Rinea Foiled Paper

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