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Halloween Mask by Martha

Halloween Mask by Martha | Rinea
Hi there, Martha Lucia here with you to share my Halloween Mask. I made this entirely using Rinea Foiled Paper and let me share with you the details.

To create this I used two different Variety Packs of Rinea Foiled paper because each piece was made using a different color.  I used Haunted Foiled Paper Variety Pack and Metallics Foiled Paper Variety Pack.
The big advantage of this mask is that it is very soft and if you have sensitive skin just like me it works perfectly. I started the design of my Halloween Mask on my Cricut Explore. This mask is part of the Design Space collection, and you can get easily personalized.
Halloween Mask with Foiled Paper
To use the Rinea Foiled Paper on your Cricut you only need to use an old mat, so that paper barley sticks without damage and set your machine in Vellum category to cut that is a custom category.
Halloween Mask with Foiled Paper
My Halloween Mask had a lot of layers and I cut each layer in a different color of starstruck and glossy foiled paper.
Halloween Mask with Foiled Paper
After all the pieces of my mask for Halloween were cut I assembled and pasted them with On-Point Glue because I don't wanted to create a messy. I also pasted the stick behind of the mask on the left side because for me it's the good place to handle.
Halloween Mask with Foiled Paper
If you notice, my Halloween Mask also has some additional curl strips on the side. I made these with strips that are scraps and curved with my bone folder in only one direction.
The colors of Rinea Foiled Paper that I used were: