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Happy Mother's Day Candy Box

Posted on April 17 2019

Hi everyone, Steph here today with a Mother's Day Candy Box.

Candy Box

This card will serve as your Mother's Day Card and gift all in one.  But for those of us who have lost our mothers, the  day can be bittersweet.  Rather than make the candy box Mother's Day specific, simply change up the sentiment.

Begin by scoring cardstock to create the box. For complete directions and sizes please visit my blog. 

Stamp a flower image with Ghost Ink on Violet/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper and adhere each panel to the cardstock.

Mother's Day Candy Box

Punch circles from Marigold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, adding them to the flower centers.

Mother's Day Candy Box

Cut Fuchsia Starstruck and adhere to the inside.

Mother's Day Candy Box

Create boxes and stamp the same flowers with Ghost Ink on Fuchsia Gold/Glossy Foiled Paper.

Happy Mother's Day Candy Box

Cut the stamped Fuchsia paper to fit each box.  Adhere the boxes in place, starting with the bottom box.

Mother's Day Candy Box

 Then fill with candy or little gifts.

Mother's Day Candy Box

Make a top from cardstock, adding strips of stamped Violet Foiled Paper around the edges.  Add buttons for a decorative effect.

Candy Box

Think of how many different styles of boxes you can create!

Thanks for stopping by.



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