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Heart Wall Decor by Anita Scroggins

Posted on June 06 2019

Hi everyone, it's Anita here with a lovely Heart Wall Decor project. I love to switch out my decor items often in the house and outside on the porches. I haven't deiced yet where this piece is going to go. I'm searching for the perfect spot to show it off.

Rinea Folied Papers Home Decor

I started with a pre-made wood from the local big box craft store. I decided not to paint it and just leave it as is. I like the homey look of it, so I am thinking that it will be perfect on one of the covered porches outside. I created the cut file using my Cameo Silhouette and cut it using my favorite brand of adhesive vinyl. After applying the vinyl, I traced around the edges of the letters with a black pen.


Die cutting flowers

I used two different dies from Sizzix to cut a variety of flower shapes. I cut four colors at once and then separated the layers.

layering die cut flowers

I used a ball tool to shape the flower layers one at a time. I mixed and matched layers from the two dies to create several flower types. Stack the layers together and secure with a brad.

Multi layer flowers

After creating several flower types, I used a low temp glue gun to adhere them to the base. I like to squish them together pretty close so that they more resemble fresh flowers.

foiled paper flowers

For these flowers, I cut the layers to give them a little more flexibility, layered them together, and shaped them. I love how these turned out!  I added a few leaves and done! Now to find the perfect place to put it.


Rinea: Emerald Green Starstruck Foiled Paper, Jade/Jade Starstruck Foiled Paper, Blush/Blush Starstruck Foiled Paper, Fuchia/Fuchia Starstruck Foiled Paper, Silver/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, Ruby Red Starstruck Foiled Paper

Other: Wood heart base, low temp glue gun, adhesive vinyl, brads, black pen.


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