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Hello Summer Sign by Melinda

Posted on July 13 2018

Hello, crafty friends!
Melinda here today and I am excited to share this fun summer sign with you.

Summer Card using Rinea Foiled Paper

I picked up a black sign from my local craft store. I then went to work and designed all of these fun elements with my craft cutter. I then used several of the fabulous Rinea Foil Papers.

Here's a closer look at the pineapples. I cut the base from some regular cardstock and then I used some Copper Starstruck to cut out the top layer. I then used some Jade Starstruck for the leaves and also for the top of the pineapple. I used some Blush and Gold Glossy foil paper for the flowers.

Here's a closer look at the flower, stem, and leaves. I cut two layers of the tops and then curled them for some dimension.

Here's a closer look at the title. I used some plain cardstock for the base and then some Ruby Starstruck foil paper.

Here's a closer look at the sun. I used some Gold glossy foil paper for the inside and some Marigold Starstruck for the outer layer of the sun.

Here's a closer look at my watermelon slices. I used some Jade Starstruck for the rind and some Ruby Glossy for the main part. I used some Ebony Starstruck for the seeds.

Here is one last look at my completed project. I will be hanging this in my office. 



I am sharing the SVG file I created to make this sign so you can grab some beautiful Rinea Foiled Paper and make one too! Free for a limited time so make sure you download it!
You can find the link to the rest of these FREE SVG files on my
YouTube Process Video & FREE FILE 2 Link


Be sure to head over to the shop and pick up some of this fantastic craft essential. There is such a variety of colors and the glossy and starstruck options really open up your crafting options. As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Until the next time, have a wonderfully crafty day.


  • Melinda Beltran: August 01, 2018

    Hello Ladies, I hope you were able to get the second set of files. The link was right if you clicked the picture. The click here link has been fixed. Thank you so much!

  • Barbara Shoemaker: July 23, 2018

    I have the same problem this morning getting the watermelon/flower file and the pineapple worked fine.

  • Marion: July 15, 2018

    Having a problem with links the second free file (sun, hibiscus, and watermeol. It keeps looping back to this page. the first one ([pineapple) is fine. Would love to do the full project. Thank yo for the files.

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