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How to Create a Tropical Themed 3D Box Frame
by Monika Graefling-Gladysiak

How to Create a Tropical Themed 3D Box Frame<br/><small> by Monika Graefling-Gladysiak</small> | Rinea
Hello everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day. It's Monika today creating a tropical project with Rinea Foiled Paper.

We are going to use: Ruby, Marigold, Mocha, Sapphire, Emerald, Ebony, Silver foiled paper, Box Frame cutting die from Crafter's Companion, scissors, a pencil, dot tool, a piece of white card, black card, black fine liner, frame cutting dies and liquid glue.

Step 1:
Die-cut the frame 4 times out of black card, use Emerald foiled paper to die cut the top of the frame (you can adhere double-sided tape on the back of foiled paper).
Put the elements together using liquid glue and cut the back panel out of the black card, but don't adhere it yet.
Step 2:
Use a pencil to draw a parrot on the tree and cut small stripes using Ruby, Sapphire and Marigold foiled paper, you will need quite a few Ruby stripes. Use Ebony and Silver for the beak and Emerald for long leaves/grass.
Step 3:
Adhere the black back panel to your frame and stick the long grass using liquid glue.
Step 4:
Draw the eye of the parrot, use a pencil for wrinkles and texture, and fussy cut the face, stick it to your design. Start adhering the Ruby feathers from the bottom of the parrot and work your way up.
Step 5: 
Add Marigold on the side of parrot's face, adhere the Sapphire, Gold (you can use the back of your Sapphire feathers), and Ruby feathers on the wings.
Step 6:
Use a dot tool to add texture to the beak pieces on Silver and Ebony foiled paper, rub the Ebony foiled paper until the silver dots appear, and adhere to your project.
Fussy cut the tree branch using Mocha foiled paper, use a dot tool to add texture, and adhere using either a glue gun or 3D gel glue. Use Silver foiled paper for the claws.
Step 7: Adhere a piece of string on the back of your project and gently rub the Emerald 3D frame until it reveals the silver color to add texture and interest to your project.
Step 8:
Admire your beautiful creation :)
Happy crafting!