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How to Create Low Poly Foiled Paper 3D Home Decor by Roni

How to Create Low Poly Foiled Paper 3D Home Decor by Roni | Rinea

Good Day Friends!

Have you noticed all of the cool 3D Polygonal Sculptures showing up in the interior design and decor lately? I really love them! They look so sophisticated and cool but always very expensive. I thought they would be complicated to make, but I gave it a try anyway and low and behold - it is easy, and the results are stunning.

First, you need a good pattern, to begin with. I found some really easy to follow designs by PaperFreak on Etsy. These patterns are very easy to follow because everything is numbered. You, of course, can google it and find loads of different patterns both free and for purchase.

So let's begin...

Step 1 - Print pattern pieces on cardstock.

 Step 2 - Rough cut pattern pieces.

Step 3 - Run pattern pieces through a Xyron (or use your favorite adhesive) and adhere each piece to a piece of Rinea Foiled Paper. Silver/Silver Starstruck was used for the unicorn.

Step 4 - Fussy cut the foil backed pattern pieces.

Step 5. Crease along all of the dotted lines.

Step 6. Fold and glue at the places indicated on the pattern.

Step 7 - Glue each segment together following the numbers on the pattern. As you glue each segment to the next, the unicorn magically comes to life.

When you have folded, glued and added each piece of the 3D puzzle you'll be left with an amazing design.

Step 8 - This particular pattern included a shield to mount the unicorn on which I cut out of heavy duty chipboard and covered with Ruby/Glossy Gold Foiled Paper. 

Step 9 - As a final touch, I added a blue mane (not indicated in the pattern). The mane is a 2" strip of Sapphire/Starstruck Sapphire foiled paper that I cut 1/8" strips down the entire length. It was adhered to the unicorn with Tear It! Tape.


Rinea - Patriotic Foiled Paper Variety Pack

PaperFreak - Unicorn
White Cardstock
Xyron - Create a Sticker
Liquid Glue
Imagine - Tear It! Tape