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How To Create Princess Dresses by Monika Graefling-Gladysiak

Posted on April 25 2021

Hello everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day. It's Monika today creating Princess Dresses using Rinea Foiled Papers.

We are going to use Rinea Foiled Paper: Gold, Jade, Turquoise, Cobalt, Midnight, RubyEbony, small gemstones, dress cutting die by Crafter's Companion - Gemini Create-A-Card Die - Be Fabulous (if you don't have a dress cutting die, you can create your own template), white card, double sided tape, liquid glue, a dot tool and scissors.

Dress 1:

Use the dress cutting die to create a base (folding at the top) from white card, die cut the dress from Gold and Midnight (just the top of the dress). On white card draw short sleeves, adhere Cobalt foiled paper and fussy cut Ruby drops and adhere on the sleeves, at the bottom of the sleeves add Gold, then fussy cut the sleeves. Add the Gold stripe on the Midnight blue top of the dress and create a V shape at the bottom.

Adhere all the parts onto white dress base you created earlier, you can use a double sided tape or liquid glue.

Then, use a dot tool to add lined of dimension at the bottom of the dress.

Dress 2:

Die cut the dress base. Die cut the dress from Gold and Copper (just the top of the dress), then fussy cut the elements for folds for the bottom of the dress using Copper foiled paper, also die cut the raffle using Gold foiled paper.

Adhere the elements on the dress base (using double sided tape), then use the dot tool to add details and small gems (using a liquid glue).

Dress 3:

Use the dress cutting die to create a base (folding at the top) from white card, die cut the dress from Turquoise, Jade and Ebony (just the top of the dress), the raffle using Jade and create four long strips using Gold and Jade, make sure they are not strait and they follow the side lines if the dress.

Adhere the Turquoise dress and four stripes using double sided tape. Then, use a dot tool to create a pattern on the stripes.

Adhere the Ebony on the top, then a Jade raffle and add Jade at the bottom of Ebony

Use liquid glue to apply small gems.

I hope you enjoyed this project and you will feel inspired to design princess dresses yourself using Rinea foiled papers.

Happy crafting!