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How to Line an Envelope by Janet

How to Line an Envelope by Janet | Rinea
This is Janet from Try it - Like it - Create it, and I am sharing a tutorial for lining an envelope with Rinea Foil.

card and envelope

I like to make cards that are not traditional sizes so I need to make envelopes to fit them. To make the envelope even nicer, you can line it with foil. I like using Rinea Foil to line my envelopes.

materials for envelope

I used a punch board to make my envelope to size. Measure the distance indicated in the photograph A and B. Then cut the foil 1/8" smaller in each direction.


Trace the top flap of the envelope onto the Rinea foil with a pencil. and then cut.

punch foil
I used my punch board to punch the top corner of the Rinea foil lining. You could easily cut with a scissor instead.
glue foil
Glue the foil and place it onto the open envelope. 
line evelope
Center the foil paper on the envelope so that there is a small border of white around the edges.
fold envelope
Fold the sides of the envelope into place and glue them in place.
finished envelope
Allow the glue to dry and your envelope is ready to use.

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