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How to Make a BIG Flower by Betz Golden

How to Make a BIG Flower by Betz Golden | Rinea
One of my favorite things to create with Rinea Foiled Paper is making flowers! I wanted a flower for my craft room that was bright and whimsical -- what better than one with Rinea? For this flower, I used the odds and ends of a few different sized sheets. The beauty of it is the more random sized circles the better!

Using a circle template cut out circles going from large to small:

Using glue, adhere just in the center of each circle. It is important the glue is only in the center of each circle. 

Once the glue had dried you should be left with a pile of circles that look something like this:

Now, this is the scary part, but I promise it will be okay. Just trust the process and it will be all worth it in the end. Starting with the smallest circle crumble it up into a ball.

Once you have what appears to be a big crumpled mess carefully start to pull back the edges of the flower to reveal the center. Like it is blooming! 

Add a center to finish it off! 

To create your own flower please visit Rinea
Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!