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How to Make a Large Flower by Michelle Frae Cummings

Posted on May 22 2018

Hello! Michelle here with an easy way to make a large flower from Rinea Foiled Paper- perfect for any occasion!

Handmade Flowers with Rinea Foiled Paper

Supplies Used :

Trace your bowls onto the chipboard and cut out.

Use the ruler and pencil to divide the circles into 4 pieces. 
Use the pencil to sketch a 4 heart-shaped leaves on all the circles. Cut these out. Place your foil on the foam mat and trace the templates with the embossing tool.

Cut out all your foiled paper shapes.
Add tape to the center of the largest shape and adhere the next size in line.

Repeat with the tape and the rest of the sizes.

Crumple some leftover foil into a ball and adhere to the center.
For the petals, starting with the top layer, fold the heart-shaped petal in half and crinkle towards the center. Repeat this process with each layer.

Cut some large leaves from the Emerald foil and crease as shown.

Completed, this flower measures 9"x 9". It looks lovely on a mantle, scattered along a blank wall or even adorning a large sun hat!

Handmade Flowers with Rinea Foiled Paper


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